Launching Warhol and Pop Art: Walter Hopps and His Ferus Gallery

As we enter a new Roaring Twenties, Tony Mostrom writes about two renegade art dealers who kickstarted modern art back in the Swinging Sixties: Walter Hopps and Irving Blum of Ferus, the L.A. gallery that launched Pop Art and the young (guess who?) Andy Warhol in 1962:

Launching Warhol and Pop Art: Walter Hopps and His Ferus Gallery

Mississippi Delta Blues Museum

The Delta Blues Museum of Clarksdale, MS is currently hosting a one-man drawings show of Tony’s original portraits culled from the “Rise & Fall of Paramount Records.”

The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records Illustrated by Tony Mostrom


Visit Artwork on this site to see Anthony Mostrom’s original drawings for sale

Here’s a first-look opportunity to experience an historic Grammy award -winning collaboration between Jack White’s Third Man and John Fahey’s Revenant: ‘The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records Volume 1, 1917-27.’ Both volumes won Grammy awards for ‘Best Historical Box Set’ and for Art Direction.

Calling this a boxed set would be like calling the Grand Canyon a hole in the ground. It is a 2-volume omnibus of words, images and music – including books, LPs, a proprietary app and more – all housed in a cabinet-of-wonder handcrafted from oak that tells the curious tale of Paramount Records.  The label, founded by the Wisconsin Chair company, amassed one of the most potent archives of American music. Volume 2 was released in Nov 2014.

Paramount Records Discussion on Charlie Rose program:

Charlie Rose

Other Paramount Records links on YouTube:

Volume 1 

Volume 2 

Links from Jack White’s Thirdman Records:

Volume 1

Volume 2 

The NY Times ran an in-depth feature in the Sunday Arts section, calling it “spectacular,” and Rolling Stone has deemed it an “unprecedented anthology.”

The Wall Street Journal and The LA Times ran pieces as well.